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Twat Waffle F2


Twat Waffle F2 is from selections made by Nachos & EL Sapo.


My two keeper phenos were one that smelled and tasted like Golden Grahams cereal and the other was more like hot buttered waffles.


She likes to finish around 10 weeks Her buds smell like snicker-doodle cookies, Fuel and Buttery Waffles! She’s my absolute favorite plant to smoke ever! 8 of 10 plants showing these traits, and showing they are very stable cookies hybrids, she grows rock hard Cookie buds on a Deer Creek frame and will make the best of growers drool and talk about her! VERY VERY potent smoke! Most suitable for experienced smokers looking for strength and taste making her Absolutely killer Smoke!

Very Indica looking, Strong Bushy plants! Very solid structure lots of bud sites and requires minimum staking or trellising she supports herself well! Grows best topped and in Coco or Hydroponics.

She’s a medium to heavy f