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Nachos & El Sapo’s Sweet citrus pheno of ApriComa is used to create an F1 cross of ApriComa and our proven Twat Waffle male.


ApriComa is legend Orange Apricot crossed to Apricot Mac originally bred by Seattle Chronic Seeds.


Twat Waffle is Cuvee Cookies - Phinest cut crossed to Deer Creek #1 bred by ITC Genetics. 


Cuvee Cookies Phinest cut tested at 28% THC is (Thin Mint GSC x GSC)


Deer Creek #1 is one two surviving seeds saved from a bag of flower purchased at a Grateful Dead show in Indiana at what was called the Deer Creek Ampitheater.


5 Regular seeds per pack

Sweet ApriTw@t Waffles - Regular Seeds

PriceFrom $39.99