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Stanky Bangi


Stanky Bangi is Shit crossed with Bangi Haze


Shit is an absolute classic and original Skunk/Afghani that has won more awards than you have had hot dinners! It is a sure-bet for the first time cultivators. The yield will be extremely substantial with expectations between 550-650 grams per square meter. The finishing time will be within 45 -60 days once the flowering appears on the plant. Expect harvest in late September to early October in the northern hemisphere. A proven true breed since the 80's. Bred by the original breeder and founder of the original seed bank,Nevil and Shantibaba.

Family of breed: Skunk#1 (Dom. Afghan) x Skunk#1


Bangi Haze is a classic ACE Seeds strain, in our catalogue now for more than 15 years and one of the most stabilized sativa hybrids in our collection. It is a fast flowering and easy to grow sativa that produces dense flowers, full of generous trichomes, of sweet, floral, lemony and anisette terpenes.


Strong stimulating Congolese sativa effect. Excellent choice for rainy and cold climates or for indoor growing.


5 Regular photoperiod seeds




Stanky Bangi - Regular Seeds